Frequently Asked Questions



1.1 What type of quotes can I get from Flyadriatic?

Flyadriatic can only provide quotes for airfares to Europe with Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines.

1.2 Can I get a quote for services other than airline tickets?

No, Flyadriatic does not provide any other travel services eg. hotels, car rental, cruises and does not sell other destinations on other airlines.

1.3 How do I get a quote for my airline ticket?

You can send your airfare booking request via the online quote form – click here.

1.4 Do I have to complete all of the information in the quote form?

Yes, to help us prepare the best airfare quote for you and to ensure we have received all of your details correctly, we ask that you complete the form online.

1.5 How long will it take for my quote to be sent to me?

Quotes will be sent back to you via e-mail within 48 hours.

1.6 What information will be provided to me in the quote?

You will receive a confirmed booking option including a breakdown of your airfare, fuel surcharge, government and airport taxes. You will be advised of the ticketing deadline date. If full payment is not made prior to this date, your booking will be released.

1.7 When I receive a quote, what are the next steps?

If you are happy with your booking and quote, please follow the instructions sent to your e-mail. You will be given your reference number and can make payment to Flyadriatic via bank transfer or online via our secure credit card facility for Visa and Mastercard.

2. Booking


2.1 Do you charge a booking fee when you make my booking?

No, Flyadriatic does not charge any fee to make a booking.

2.2 Which airlines are available to me for purchase at Flyadriatic?

Flyadriatic sells exclusively the airfares from Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines.

2.3 When is the best time to make my booking so I can obtain the best airfare?

Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines will release special airfares at various times during the year. If you are subscriber to our newsletter and special deals e-mail, you will be one of the first to know when these special airfares are released. Bookings should be made as soon as your dates are known to ensure you have the best chance to obtain the lowest airfares to Europe.

2.4 How far in advance can I book my flights?

It is possible to book your airline ticket up to 11 months before departure.

2.5 Do I have to fly with one airline in both directions?

No, it is possible to fly to Europe with one airline and return with another. For example, travel to Europe on Lufthansa and return with Austrian Airlines.

2.6 Can I travel via different cities to/from my destination?

Yes, you can travel via different cities to/from your destination. For example, you can travel via Singapore and Frankfurt to Europe and return via Zurich and Hong Kong.

2.7 Can I arrive and depart from a different airport in Europe?

Yes, you can arrive and depart from a different airport in Europe. For example, you can fly into Split and depart from Dubrovnik.

2.8 How many passengers can I book via the quote form?

You can book a maximum of 9 passengers at one time, travelling on the same flights.

2.9 What are the ages for an Infant / Child passenger?

Infant: 0-2 years and must not turn 2 years during the trip. An infant does not occupy a seat, and pays 10% of the adult airfare.

Child: 2-11 years and must occupy a seat. A child pays 75% of the adult airfare.

(exception: no child discount for First Class)

2.10 Why can’t the number of infants exceed the number of adult passengers?

Unless you book a seat for your infant, you will carry your infant on your lap. Therefore it is important that there is one adult per infant.

2.11 What do I need to know if I am travelling with a disability or medical condition?

Each airline has a set procedure for handling passengers that need special assistance or have a medical condition. Therefore, if you have any special requirements when travelling or need assistance, please ensure you send us details at the time of your quote request.

2.12 I do not live in Auckland, can I still book my flights and depart from another airport in New Zealand?

Yes, airfares are available for departure from all domestic airport locations in New Zealand.

2.13 I am not living in New Zealand, can I still book my travel with Flyadriatic?

Please send us your travel request via e-mail and we will contact you with further details about the airfare options available.

2.14 Can I book flights on behalf of another person?

Yes, you can complete the online quote request for another person, even if you are not the traveller.

2.15 Can I be pre-seated on all my flights?

You can request to be pre-seated on all long haul flights to/from Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich and Vienna in Economy, Business and First Class.

For flights within Europe, only passengers in Business and First Class can be pre-seated.

2.16 Can I ask for a special meal for all my flights?

Yes, airlines offer a choice of special meals to ensure all dietary requirements are covered. If you require a special meal, please indicate this when completing the online quote form.

3. Payment


3.1 If I am happy with my quote and booking, what are the next steps?

If you are happy with your booking and quote, please follow the instructions sent to your e-mail. You will be given your reference number and can make payment to Flyadriatic via bank transfer or online via our secure credit card facility for Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

3.2 How long do I have before you require payment?

All airline bookings have a ticketing time limit, which means we are required to issue the ticket before the deadline. We will advise you of this deadline at the time of your quote. We will require full payment prior to this date.

3.3 What will happen if I miss the deadline date for payment?

The airline will cancel your reservation if we have not received payment from you and have not issued the ticket prior to the deadline.

3.4 Can I make a deposit today and pay the balance at a later date?

No, we require full payment prior to the airline ticketing deadline. We do not take any deposits for bookings.

3.5 Which forms of payment do you take?

You can pay via direct bank transfer to our Bank of New Zealand account or pay via our secure credit card service online with Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We do not accept cash, EFTPOS, cheque or any other credit card types.

3.6 If I pay by credit card, what fees will be applicable?

If you wish to pay by credit card, you will be charged 2.5% (Visa and Mastercard) or 3.0% (American Express) of the total transaction cost. This fee is to cover the merchant fee levied by the credit card companies. If you pay us by direct bank transfer, there are no additional fees.

3.7 Will my credit card details be transmitted in a secure way?

Yes, we use the secure payment gateway service from DPS – New Zealand’s most secure online payment service. Flyadriatic does not see or store your credit card details.

3.8 Can I pay for another person, even if I am not travelling?

Yes, you can make payments via bank transfer or credit card for another person.

3.9 Will I get a receipt for my payment?

Yes, all bookings come with a tax invoice issued by Flyadriatic.

4. Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

4.1 Why does Flyadriatic need to collect personal data from me?

We only collect the data that is required to make your airline booking, as per the requirements set out by Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines.

4.2 Does Flyadriatic pass on my personal data to any third parties?

No, we do not share your personal data with third parties.

4.3 How does Flyadriatic ensure my credit card details are secure?

We use the secure payment service from DPS Payment Express, the most secure way for real time credit card payment transactions. For more details on DPS Payment Express, click here.

5. Ticketing


5.1 How many days after I make the full payment will I receive my ticket?

Tickets will be issued when full payment is received. Your tickets will be sent to you within 72 hours.

5.2 How will I receive my airline ticket?

All airline tickets are issued as electronic tickets. These will be sent to you via e-mail.

5.3 What should I do if I do not receive my airline ticket via email?

Please contact us if you do not have your tickets after 72 hours.

5.4 What if I notice an error in my travel details or the spelling of my name?

When completing your quote request, please ensure all details are entered correctly. When we send your booking and quote, also check these details before confirming to us that you wish to purchase the airfare. Changes can be made more easily prior to ticketing. If you notice an error, please contact us as soon as possible.

5.5 What should I do if I lose my copy of the airline ticket?

Airline tickets are stored electronically in the airlines database. You can print another copy of your electronic ticket if you lose your original copy. If you no longer have the e-mail, please contact Flyadriatic.

5.6 Can another person travel on my ticket if I no longer wish to travel?

No, airline tickets are valid only for the name as shown. If you no longer wish to travel, please inform us to cancel your reservation. A new booking will need to be made if there is another person who would like to travel in your place. Your reservation cannot be used in exchange by another person.

6. Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

6.1 Why do I need to purchase Travel Insurance?

When you travel, it is important that you have sufficient cover to ensure you do not have any problems outside of New Zealand in the event something goes wrong. It can be very expensive to cover unexpected costs as a result of an incident. With travel insurance you can put your mind at ease when travelling.

6.2 When should I purchase my Travel Insurance?

We suggest you purchase your travel insurance as soon as you have paid for your airline tickets, regardless of the departure date. In this case, you will be covered in the event of something happening prior to your departure.

6.3 Travel Insurance via my credit card company does not always cover me in full, is this true?

This can be true, as credit card companies have many terms and conditions when taking out a policy via the credit card. We highly recommend that you read all of these terms and conditions prior to making your final decision on your travel insurance.

6.4 Who is the Travel Insurance provider for Flyadriatic?

We work with Cover More Travel Insurance, a New Zealand owned company founded in 1986. Cover More handles approximately 1 million customers per year.

6.5 If I have any queries about purchasing my Travel Insurance, who should I contact?

For any questions regarding your travel insurance, please contact Cover More Travel Insurance direct – click here.

6.6 If my baggage is delayed or lost by the airline, what do I need to do?

You must immediately contact the airline representative in the baggage area. They will issue you with an international baggage report. The airline will locate your baggage and send it to you as soon as possible. You have the right to ask for some basic items, such as toiletries and in some cases, a cash advance. If you need to make a baggage claim with your travel insurance company, you will need to keep all receipts and you must provide the international baggage report with your claim.

6.7 What do I need to do if I want to make a Travel Insurance claim?

Please contact your insurance company directly and make sure you have kept all receipts for any costs you wish to claim. Please provide  the international baggage report from the airline.

7. Passport/Visa and Re-entry

Passport/Visa and Re-entry

7.1 How long does my passport need to be valid for?

We suggest that your passport has a minimum of 6 months validity when you enter a country. Many countries will not accept passengers if the passport does not have this validity.

7.2 How many free pages in my passport must I have when I travel?

Please make sure you have enough free pages in your passport to ensure each country is able to add the immigration stamp or visa into your passport. You may be denied entry if there are no free pages for these stamps.

7.3 What should I do if my passport will expire before I am due to depart?

If you are planning to travel, please check that you have a valid passport. You should have your new passport before you make your airline bookings. In some cases, countries will require your passport information to be sent by the airline prior to your departure to ensure pre-clearance. In this case, you must provide the correct passport details at time of making the booking.

7.4 How do I know if I will require a travel visa for another country I will transit or visit?

We will check your passport type and the entry requirements for each country you will travel to. We will advise you of the visa requirements that you must be aware of.

7.5 How do I get a travel visa and how much will it cost?

We are happy to advise you when you are required to obtain a visa for travel. However, we do not offer a service to help you obtain this visa. It is your final responsibility to check all requirements for getting the travel visa’s you require. Flyadriatic takes no responsibility for your travel visa requirements.

7.6 If I am not travelling on a New Zealand passport, or a passport that allows me to re-enter New Zealand without a travel visa, what should I do?

You will need to contact the New Zealand Immigration at to check with them what documents and visa requirements are required for your passport.

7.7 Whom can I contact if I have any queries regarding my travel visa or re-entry requirements?

For each country you plan to visit or transit, we advise you to contact the Embassy or Consulate representative office in the nearest location.

7.8 What will happen if I do not obtain a VISA or the correct re-entry permit before I travel?

If you do not hold the correct visa for the country you wish to enter or transit, then the airline at check in will not permit you to travel. Your passport will be checked by all airlines prior to you being issued a boarding pass.

7.9 If I am travelling via the United States or Canada, do I need to complete any additional forms or provide any further personal data to the airlines?

Yes, the USA and Canada have an extra requirement for all passengers. We will send information regarding the information you are required to supply the airlines prior to check in at the airport. Also, for passengers wishing to stop in the USA or Canada, you are required to provide an address in the country and telephone contact for the duration of your stay, and this must be added to your airline reservation prior to departure.

8. Baggage


8.1 What is my baggage allowance?

Baggage allowance for your checked baggage will vary between airlines. The baggage allowance for your trip will be shown on your electronic ticket. Please check your ticket or contact the airline you are flying with, if you have questions, to ensure you adhere to the baggage allowance for your flights. If you exceed the free baggage allowance you will be charged excess baggage fees by the airline at check in.

8.2 What is the baggage allowance for a child or infant?

The checked baggage allowance for a child or infant is the same as per an adult ticket, if they have a booked seat. When travelling with an infant, you are entitled to carry additional items onboard or in your carry on baggage for the infant e.g. baby food, collapsible stroller/push chair.

8.3 What should I do if I am travelling with special baggage? e.g. bike, wheelchair

Please advise us if you intend to travel with any special sporting equipment or over-sized baggage, as each airline must be advised in advance. For each item, there is likely to be a fee to pay for the special baggage item. Wheelchairs are carried free of charge in the aircraft hold.

8.4 What is my carry on baggage allowance?

Your carry on baggage should weigh no more than 7kgs and the sum of the width x length x height should not exceed 115cm. In addition, you may also carry free of charge 1 x fully collapsible baby stroller/push chair. You may also carry a reasonable amount of baby food for the journey if travelling with an infant.

8.5 What are the rules for carrying liquids onboard the flight?

There are restrictions on what liquids you can carry in your hand baggage. You must present all liquids at the security check point in one transparent re-sealable plastic bag and each item inside must be in a container of 100ml or less per container. For every airport you will transit or stop, there will be a security check, so please ensure you follow this rule for all flights. To view further details and check rules for medicines and baby products, please click here.

8.6 What items can I carry with me if I have an infant?

You are permitted to carry additional items required for your baby during the journey e.g. baby food, diapers. You are also permitted to carry a collapsible stroller/push chair, which you can use to from the aircraft door.

8.7 When I check in my baggage, where will I next need to pick it up?

When you report to the check in counter of the airline, your baggage will be checked to your final destination. If this is in Europe, you will collect your baggage at the destination. If you have a stopover en route, the baggage will be checked to the city where you will stop.

8.8 What should I do if my baggage is damaged or does not arrive at my destination?

When you arrive at your final destination, and if your baggage does not arrive or is damaged, please contact the airline representative for your flight in the arrivals/baggage claim area to report the issue.

9. The Airport

The airport

9.1 How long prior to my flight departure should I arrive at the airport?

We recommend that you arrive at the airport a minimum of 2 hours prior to the flight departure time.

9.2 Do I need to present my ticket and passport at check in?

You will need to present your valid passport and we suggest also a copy of your electronic ticket that was e-mailed to you by Flyadriatic.

9.3 How will I know which terminal at the airport I will depart from?

Your travel itinerary, e-mailed to you by Flyadriatic, will include the terminal details for your departure and arrival flights.

9.4 If I have requested wheelchair assistance, how will this be handled at the airport?

When you arrive at check in, please advise the agent that you have requested wheelchair assistance. They will arrange this for you at the departure airport. Your wheelchair request will also be sent to all airlines within your itinerary, and a member of the airline staff will be waiting for you when you arrive at your destination.

10. Change or Cancellation to My Booking

Change or cancellation to my booking

10.1 What should I do if my name is spelt incorrectly on my airline ticket?

Please check your booking quote and ensure your reservation has been made in the correct name prior to making full payment.

10.2 Can I transfer my ticket to another name?

No, it is not possible to transfer your ticket to another person. If you do not wish to travel, please cancel your booking.

10.3 Can all tickets be changed or are there some exceptions?

Each airline has rules concerning date or routing changes after the ticket has been issued. In most cases, depending on the airfare type you have purchased, there will be a fee from the airline to make this change. We will advise you of the fee, including any applicable fees from Flyadriatic, at the time of your change.

10.4 What do I have to do if I wish to make a change or cancel my booking?

Please e-mail Flyadriatic if you wish to make a change or cancel your booking.

11. Refunds


11.1 I wish to cancel my ticket and get a refund, what do I need to do?

Please contact Flyadriatic in writing to request a refund.

11.2 Will I get a full refund, or will there be cancellation penalties and other fees to pay?

Each airline will have cancellation fees for the ticket you purchased. In some cases, various special airfares will be non-refundable. You will be advised the refund policy for your ticket at time of booking.

11.3 I have cancelled my ticket, how long does it take for me to get a refund?

It can take up to 6 weeks for a refund to be returned from the airline.

11.4 Does my refund have to come in the form of the original payment?

Yes, any refund you will receive must be paid in the form of the original payment.

11.5 If my ticket was non-refundable, can I claim a refund on the unused airlines taxes?

Yes, with the exception of some taxes, which are not permitted to be refunded, the taxes on your cancelled ticket can be refunded. If you have started your journey, the ticket will need to be re-calculated to see if you will receive a refund, even for the unused taxes. Refunds can vary depending on the ticket you purchased, and details of your refund will be confirmed by the airline.

11.6 What if I have started my travel, and now wish to cancel the ticket – will I get any refund?

In most cases your ticket is non-refundable after you have started travel. Your ticket will be re-calculated by the airline to determine if you are eligible for any refund after departure.

12. Frequent Flyer Programme

Frequent Flyer Programme

12.1 Which Frequent Flyer Programme should I join?

Flyadriatic highly recommend that you join the frequent flyer programme of Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines – Miles&More. You can join, for free at

12.2 If I have any questions about my Frequent Flyer miles or points, who can I contact?

You will need to contact the airline with whom you have your frequent flyer membership.

12.3 What is the Manage My Miles service offered by Flyadriatic?

For a small fee, you can join this special service created by Flyadriatic to help you manage your Miles&More account. This way, just advise us of your Miles&More frequent flyer card number, and leave the rest to us. We make sure you don’t miss out on any miles and help you manage these to ensure you can take advantage of the many rewards on offer. To join, please complete the registration form – click here

13. Travel Gift Voucher

Travel Gift Voucher

13.1 What is the Flyadriatic travel gift voucher and how does it work?

You can purchase a travel gift voucher for a nominated person, who then can use the value of the voucher towards the purchase of their airfare from Flyadriatic.

13.2 What is the minimum amount I can purchase a travel gift voucher?

You can decide the amount you wish to have on the voucher. The minimum voucher value is NZD100.

13.3 Do I have to nominate the name for the recipient of the travel gift voucher?

Yes, when you purchase the voucher you must nominate the name of the recipient.

13.4 How long is the travel gift voucher valid for?

The voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

13.5 I have been given a Flyadriatic travel gift voucher – how do I spend it?

When you make your online quote request, make sure to add your voucher number to the form in the area called “promotional code”

13.6 Can I refund my travel gift voucher for cash?

No, the travel gift voucher is non-refundable.

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